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Dr. Estrada. Orthodontist. Salinas. Monterey. Marina.



Board Certified Orthodontist

Doctorate of Dental Surgery at 

 UC San Francisco 

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Our Office is Awesome! 

Dr. Rosa Estrada and her trustworthy team are dedicated to providing an efficient, comfortable, and compassionate patient experience delivered in a vibrant and fun environment. We are committed to providing innovative orthodontic care of the highest quality in our modern and easily accessible office. We constantly strive to inspire a familial connection with our community while creating beautiful lifelong smiles that will enable our patients to flourish.

Smile and Flourish

Dr. Estrada got the inspiration for Monarch Orthodontics from the beautiful monarch butterfly. Like a butterfly from a caterpillar, our patients undergo a transformation which ends with something naturally beautiful. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and we want your smile to bring you a confidence that allows you to truly flourish.

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