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Dr. Rosa Estrada prides herself in staying at the lead of innovative orthodontics. She uses advanced treatment planning and orthodontic modalities that can achieve the best results possible for our patients.


Our services include:

  • Phase 1 orthodontics, focusing on airway and functional development.

  • Phase 2 orthodontics, focusing on bite correction and malocclusions.

  • Non-surgical advanced orthodontics. Using MARPE expanders, she can often times avoid surgery or extractions for those extreme cases.

  • 3D printed brackets for perfect placement and faster treatment.

  • Invisalign specialist in all types of cases.   

Doctor Rosa Estrada
Types of Orthodontic Treatment
Treatment for All Smiles

Our smile is often the first thing people notice about us. Straight teeth are important for a perfect smile and good oral health. We offer a full range of orthodontic treatment for many conditions.

Common Malocclusions 





Spaced Teeth

Open Bite

How It Works

Your initial consultation is always complementary. During this visit you will meet Dr. Estrada and the Monarch team and we will take photos and X-rays of your smile. Dr. Estrada will complete a thorough exam and suggest the best orthodontic treatment options based on your concerns. 

Dental XRay
Patient consultation photo

Using A.I. fortified software, Dr. Estrada will design a predictable and efficient treatment plan specific to your needs. Once your custom braces or Invisalign is delivered to our office we will bring you back to get them placed. Your perfect smile is close! 


You will have periodic check ups during your treatment. Braces are typically every 6-10 weeks and Invisalign is every 8-12 weeks. In these visits the Dr. is checking the progress of your treatment and making any adjustments needed to keep your smile progress on track.

Doctor Estrada and our patient
Patient with retainers

Once your treatment is complete, we provide you with a set of retainers at no additional charge. We make your retainer right here in the office so you can pick it up the same day you get your braces off! Keep wearing it at night and you will keep that perfect smile for life. 

Clear Retainers
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