Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dental insurance cover braces?

Every insurance has different levels of coverage. You can contact your provider and ask what they do cover and how much. We know this can be intimidating so feel free to call us and we can help find out your coverage.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! We offer several including a family discount (if you get braces with us any additional treatment your family starts will be discounted), a military discount for veterans or active duty, and a courtesy discount for treatment paid in full.

Is Invisalign® more expensive than braces?

Invisalign® does cost only a little bit more. We do not upcharge for this treatment but because there are several fees to start a case with them we do ask for a greater down payment.

Can I use my FSA or HSA?

Braces typically qualify for reimbursement from your FSA or HSA. If you are unsure, let us know and we can verify your eligibility and help get you started.

Do retainers cost extra?

No. Your treatment includes any retainers you need to keep that smile perfect. Also, your follow up visits for the first year are included. After that you will be charged a small fee for any repairs or replacements.

How does financing work?

We work with you to build a financing plan that works well for you. Treatment takes place over several months to even a couple of years. That gives us a lot of room to stretch the cost of treatment out. Our financing is always interest free.