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Rapid Palatal Expander

Mini-screw Assisted Rapid Palatal Expanders are a dental appliance used to correct issues related to a narrow upper jaw (maxilla). Its use does not require surgery and is a great option for adults who normally would need surgery to correct such issues. 

The results are always amazing.

MARPE appliance
How Does M.A.R.P.E. Work

The expander is attached using small mini screws which are placed using local anesthesia. 

The patient uses a special key to gradually activate the expander by turning the screw. This activates gentle forces that push against the palatal bones, gradually widening the upper jaw. 

As the expander is activated, the separation of the palatal bones stimulates the surrounding bone cells, triggering a process known as osteogenesis. This leads to new bone formation and proper expansion of the palate.

Once the desired expansion is achieved, the expansion appliance is typically kept in place for a certain period of time to allow for remodeling and stabilization of the newly expanded bone. Afterward, the miniscrews are removed

MARPE Patient
how an expander works
Is an Expander Right For You?

Common problems that may benefit from an expander:


  • Upper jaw is too narrow to fit with the lower jaw.

  • Back top teeth is inside of the lower teeth.

  • Correction: Expanding upper jaw.

crossbite example photo


  • Not enough room for permanent teeth.

  • Upper jaw is too narrow.

  • Correction: Widen upper jaw to create space.

narrow arch expample photo

Impacted Teeth

  • A tooth has not yet come in and is being blocked by other teeth.

  • Improper position of growing teeth, most common with canines or eye teeth.

  • Correction: Widen upper jaw to allow tooth to grow in its proper position.

impacted tooth example photo
You are just one phone call away from your perfect and healthy smile!

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What Our Patients Are Saying


Why We're Great >

patient review photo

I went to get my permanent retainer repaired and they did a great job! Awesome staff, affordable pricing, and I was in and out in no time.


Why We're Great >

patient mom review photo

Dr. Estrada and her team were very thorough and they answered all of my concerns. I signed my son up for treatment the same day!


Why We're Great >

patient mom review photo

Dr. Estrada was so amazing! My son was nervous at first about getting his braces put on but Dr. Estrada made him feel very comfortable. I will definitely be bringing my daughter there when it's her turn.

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